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FH Tank Storage AB is an oil storage company in Sweden that provides services for the storage and transportation of oil to the domestic market, for transit and for export.

We are FH Tank Storage One of the most economically promising regional cities in Sweden , which is home to the oil refinery FH Tank Storage International Sweden.
In January 2018, the refinery received its initial delivery of crude oil. In April of that year, the first batch of oil products was sold.

The refinery’s first stage can process 180 000 tons of oil annually at installed capacity. 2019 saw the completion of the building and installation phases of the CDU-SW-2 installation. As a result, the plant’s yearly capacity rose to 300,000 tons.

With so many options available you can rest assured that we will be able to deliver your consignment, regardless of its size. And if there’s ever a time where you need some advice on choosing the right solution, our transport team, who have more than 120 years’ experience.

With terminals in Denmark and now in Sweden, FH Tank Storage AB is currently the biggest and independent liquid storage company in Scandinavia.

Our Swedish terminals offer some of the region’s most comprehensive and sophisticated storage, blending and automated loading facilities.


FH Tank Storage
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FH Tank Storage
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We have establishes all great tank storage for Oil Companies' around the world.

Offshore Services

FH Tank Storage engineers provide comprehensive fleets for vessel load and cargo fastening plains.

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FH Tank Storage acquisition of these tankers were a natural extension of our commitment to safe, reliable and flawless operations.

Global Oil Logistics

Providing services to Fleet owners and fuel operators, oil companies, and customers requiring marine-related logistical solutions.