We Are FH Tank Storage AB

FH Tank Storage is an oil storage company in Sweden that provides services for the storage and transportation of oil to the domestic market, for transit and for export.

FH Tank Storage AB is also a global Oil shipment and logistics’ solutions provider with a focus on Oil cargo charter, leasing, remote site support and logistics. With access to a global network of suppliers, we consistently deliver the very best aviation and remote site logistics solutions to an international client base, often at short notice in hostile, austere and challenging environments.

We are leading petrol storage company offering a surprisingly  alternative to the freight to consumers and tank farms/businesses. Our company enables you to store anything, from a small packet to a large Oil vessel, to destinations around the world

We build long-term partnerships with our customers because we share their passion for transporting cargo safely, efficiently and sustainably around the world

At FH Tank Storage, we believe the supplier-vendor relationship to be an important, strong and long term partnership. Both the client and the logistics partners will concentrate on their lead competencies and work closely together with the common aim to be a leader in each other’s sector. We want to service you in a reliable, efficient and flexible manner, so that our company can compete in its business, not only by selling quality products, but also by satisfying customers with high value logistics services.

FH Tank Storage are:

  • Provision of services on oil and petroleum products transportation (pumping, transshipment, unloading, loading, storage, blending) via main pipelines,
  • Organization of transportation and transit of Sweden oil via pipeline networks of other states (operator’s activity on unified routing),
  • Operation and technical maintenance of main pipelines, that belong to other legal entities,
  • Provision of services on water delivery via main pipeline and distribution networks,
  • Provision of services on production, transfer and distribution of heating energy, transfer of power,
  • Provision of services for maintenance and repair of water pipelines within the group of companies of FH Tank Storage;
  • Implementation of other kinds of activity provided by the Charter.


“ FH Tank Storage is an oil storage company in Sweden that provides services for the storage and transportation of oil to the domestic market, for transit and for export..”

With terminals in Denmark and now in Sweden, Inter Pipeline is currently the largest independent bulk liquid storage company in Scandinavia.

Our Values

Giving customers a unique experience of partnership.

We are committed to the long-term, profitable future of our business and aim to achieve sustained growth that provides enhanced value to customers and industry partners and opportunities
FH Tank Storage AB built our grade on doing what is Best As our company evolves to meet a changing world, integrity remains our watch Word.
Sustainability starts with our person and practices, and extends to our solutions, partners and the entire world.
We are passionate about progress. Through constant innovation and investments in the future, we deliver exceptional experiences.
We strive for excellence in all we do, putting both customer and employee experience first. And we achieve this excellence together, as FH Tank Storage AB
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FH Tank Storage AB has grown from strength to strength

We have establishes all great tank storage for Oil Companies' around the world.


    In November 2018 after a lot of work FH Tank Storage AB became ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited, complying with The Provision of Import and Export Solutions Petroleum products and Associated Services.

  • 2019 RE BRAND FH Tank Storage AB

    New logo, new website, fresh new brand but still the same reliable team. Follow our blog article for more information.


    In September 2020 the shares of Logistics PVT were acquired by the Sweden Company, FH Tank Storage AB


    In March 2020 both offices moved to larger premises facility giving the Company access to 12,000 cubicle of Oil Storage.


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Our Vision

FH Tank Storage AB as a competitive сompany with a diversified Oil Storage system, corresponding to best practices in the field of sustainable development, safety of production activities, environmental protection, management of productive assets.